Alpha MiniCourse Alpha MiniCourse
AlphaMiniCourse uses earth gravitational attraction and rotation to align the gyroscope spin axis with the meridian, i.e. in the true north direction. The Gyro compass AlphaMiniCourse complies with requirements of IMO A.424(XI) Wheelmark approved. The control unit can be mounted at maximum 100 meters from the main gyro. The Alphaminicourse provides the following data: Heading against the geographical meridian at the vessel speed up to 90 knots, Latitude up to 80 degrees, Roll and pitch angles up to maximum 50 degrees.
CMZ900 Gyrocompass CMZ900 Gyrocompass Download Brochure
There are three models in the CMZ900 series:
CMZ900B: Single-unit model, suitable for small vessels
CMZ900S: Single-unit model, suitable for all types of merchant vessels
CMZ900D: Dual-unit model for extra reliability
MKR056  -  Steering Repeater Compass MKR056 - Steering Repeater Compass
Steering Repeater Compass
MKR050 - Repeater Compass MKR050 - Repeater Compass
Repeater Compass
KX223A - Horizontal  Stand KX223A - Horizontal Stand
Horizontal  Stand for Repeater Compass