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SR8300 MKII - Sound Reception System

The sound reception system Phontech 8300 MkII is designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other maritime vessels. The Phontech 8300 MkII is for use onboard one-man operated closed bridge class vessels.
SR8300 MKII - Sound Reception System System features

Approved according to MED, ISO 14859 and IEC60945
Compatible with IEC61162-450
Easy installation
Web interface
Amplifies meaningful sounds within 70-2100 Hz
One omnidirectional microphone/antenna Phontech P-8301 MkII
5-pair cabling via junction box (optional)
Adjustable volume and dimmer
Display unit: 144 x 144 mm, 24VDC
Option for additional slave display units Phontech P-8300 MkII