VSP-223-L - Vingtor Stentofon VSP VSP-223-L - Vingtor Stentofon VSP Download Brochure
VSP-223-L is a batteryless telephone requiring no external power supply and fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions. The unit is tested and type approved for internal communication for marine vessels.
SPA-240-V2 - Vingtor Stentofon PAGA System SPA-240-V2 - Vingtor Stentofon PAGA System Download Brochure
The SPA series public address and general alarm system combines quality and value. The SPA-V2 is an improved second generation system which in first generation version has been installed in thousands of ships around the world. The basic functionality module can support a single, non-redundant system and delivered as a 19" rack which contains main board, minimum one amplifier and optional functions.
SR8300 MKII - Sound Reception System SR8300 MKII - Sound Reception System Download Brochure
The sound reception system Phontech 8300 MkII is designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other maritime vessels. The Phontech 8300 MkII is for use onboard one-man operated closed bridge class vessels.
ICS 6200 - Integrated Communication Systems ICS 6200 - Integrated Communication Systems Download Brochure
ICS 6200 Integrated Communication System is a digital communication system meeting all aspects of internal and external communication, information exchange onboard vessels, offshore installations and to/from onshore operation centres.
CIS 3000 - Talkback Systems CIS 3000 - Talkback Systems Download Brochure
Command Intercom System CIS 3100 is especially designed for important communication links onboard ships and boats. The new design is very compact , and the performance is extended by use of microprocessor technics.
System CIS 3100 consists of a line of 3 different master stations; type 3100 (5ext.), type 3101 (10 ext.) and type 3102 (20 ext.), together with various quantities of substations of 9000 series.