JUE-87 Inmarsat C, LRIT, SSAS JUE-87 Inmarsat C, LRIT, SSAS Download Brochure
The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite message communication system, having the ability to handle commercial, operational and personal messages just as easily as distress and safety communications.
JUE-95VM  Vessel Monitoring JUE-95VM Vessel Monitoring Download Brochure
The JUE-95VM plays a leading role to assist in faster and more accurate monitoring of vessel location, integrating the latest advancements in technologies and packed into a small compact unit.
JUE-95LT    LRIT JUE-95LT LRIT Download Brochure
The JUE-95LT is a simple-to-install stand-alone system that will easily and accurately transmit key information to improve the safety of life at sea.
JUE-95SA     SSAS JUE-95SA SSAS Download Brochure
The JUE-95SA is a small, lightweight and highly reliable terminal, recognized for its unique role in maritime safety and plays an integral part in the safety of live at sea.